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I’m not proud to be an American

May 5, 2010

Why do I have the growing feeling that to be a follower of Christ that I must be un-American? In the most patriotic country in the world and yet one of the most diverse countries I feel I would have to un-pledge my allegiance to America in order to give that back to God.

In fact would the Pledge of allegiance also be considered un-Godly? Ok well if team USA plays in the Olympics I am for them. I cheer them on. I do not always agree with this nations politics or wars. But then who is to say that it is my place to do so. Our system is so corrupted and run amok with sin that it is hard for me to take it seriously. This is such a worldly view that it robs us of the visions and promises that God has given us through Jesus Christ.

This same model of loving out country carries over into our other relationships. Who’s left? Who’s right? Who’s lukewarm? Who has a different belief than I do? I like them for agreeing with me. I don’t like them for disagreeing with me. They are wrong. I am right. What an outrageous nightmare.

It has made us a bunch of self-righteous, uncaring, unloving, condemning fools. We pass judgment upon others and forgot to live two most simple rules. We then try to fix them rather than loving or praying for them.

So what happens is we take our battles upward and forget everything that is here and now. So while there are many that are jobless, homeless, sick, elderly, lost, downcast, hurting, lonely, confused they all still suffer. While we are busy fighting for them we forget to love and serve them. I mean we need to fix our country first right?

The time is now. The place is here. Why can we not take care of each other in the city that we live in? Prayer is un-American. We have so many new laws coming out that event he ten commandments is becoming outlawed in many places. This outraged even myself at first. If you don’t like it leave the country and go back to where you are from.

Someone please hit me with a brick or something. How can I have ever made that claim? Its not my country. It’s not even my land. Especially with the eminent domain laws America can take your land and you get no say so. However before this was named the United States it was land. Before even Columbus came over it was Earth. Now who gave us this land? Who created this land? And does something last forever? Will the earth last?

This planet was created by God. He told us to cultivate it and care for it. Not own it. He took Israel into the wilderness before coming back home. Everything on this side of the clouds is temporary. God should be our first priority in whom we trust and follow. Our allegiance should be to the savior not a selfish prideful country.

Even though this is a wonderful country to be in, still should be there fulfilling God’s will and commands for the world. We are not of this world first. God willing American a far distant second. I feel it is time we start doing our own healthcare by loving and supporting one another. And of course lots of prayer.

I am not saying to hate this country but to love the right one first. Down here in the pits we are. This is where it needs to start. Not another government program, not in another committee, or in another law passed. But right here and now with one another.

I and we have become so prideful and unjust that we are angry at these laws coming in to protect what this country was founded on. America is not about God any more. Its the giant melting pot to get everyone to live happily together. This is not one nation under God after all. In the capitol it seems that God is a good idea or suggestion to assist in running things. We don’t want him there. Because to want him there is to deny ourselves of something. We do not want to sacrifice.

My vote for the new pledge

Thank you father for this land
Bestowed unto us from your grace
May we learn to love and live
To return to you the love of your son
Unto every foot that touches this land

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