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Book Review: The Good News We Almost Forgot

May 28, 2010

Here is another little gem I received at the Band of Bloggers conference this year. To be honest I did not think much of it at first. Oh wrong I was! For a dummy like me with big words like catechism to bring these into a modern day is soul hitting. I have not finished this book yet. It stands out to me so much I wanted this review out here early.

The Facts
Title: The Good News We Almost Forgot
Author: Kevin DeYoung
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Pages: 252

With this book you can do them one day at a time or one week at a time. There are 52 days in this book. Now I’m no theologian. In fact I’m downright a dummy for the most part especially in understanding. In fact there is a new word for me catechism.

Is it still relevant today?
A big yes. The catechisms are 16th century but he does bring it home in helping understand what it means today. It’s still relevant because it does not say Hey look another rule to follow! Rather it points to God back then and still now.

How is it with scripture?
There are many references of it throughout the whole book. He does not leave you without scriptures!

The good?
It has 52 days listed. So you can read it one a week for a year or once a day. You can read it as a book or as a mediation book. It leaves you thinking so much more about things. Just a few of the days I have read thus far has left me wanting more and revealing much.

The bad?
Cover is not flashy. Oh and you might want to have pen and paper handy when reading this, unless you write in books, but even then there is not enough room to write the thoughts that spring forth from reading.

What I took away from it is we are still in desperate need of God then as we are now. God does not change nor does his commandments. While the world manipulates us into doing more things and committing more sins in new ways, this book tells us look back look now and then look ahead.

I’ll sum it up as this:

“This book stirs the heart”

Here is Tim Challie’s review on the book. He’s much better at talking about it than I am.

Kevin DeYoung’s Blog

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