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Brick walls

July 4, 2010

When depressed there is a lot to say but nothing to write. When angry there is only one point to express. When frustrated I have no idea what to so or how to express what I want. When sad I just want to say nothing. But alas not having anything to say is not bad. Sometimes its better to not say something to regret later.

Sometimes there is a brick wall in front of us that eventually needs to be dealt with before anything else can be said or done. I have been at a brick wall. Not the pretty red ones. But different bricks colored with sin and depression. Only by God’s merciful grace has some of the bricks come down. And here I am for a new day. Life is still crazy for me right now.

But there is one difference.

God has sent his love through many people with encouragement, prayer, support, and guidance through it all. He has sent us all his word. He has sent the holy spirit to illuminate what is said in his word and in my life. He sent his son to die on the cross to bear our sins.

As this blog was made to minister and not be more of a “journal” as it is so easy to do. Now join me while I battle through depression and seek the light of the cross. To find love where it has lacked for so long.

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