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Book Review: Answers to Prayer (Moody Classics Series)

July 8, 2010

How in the world did he do it? How much faith does it take to live one day to the next? How great was that blessing when all was said and done? How can I have faith like that in my own prayer life?

The Facts
Title: Answers to Prayer (Moody Classics Series)
Author: George Mueller
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Pages: 141

What can I say after reading this? I was just amazed of how Mueller did not ask for one penny for the orphan houses he was building and running. Not a single cent. He used prayer for everything. In fact he even goes so far to outline how he prayed.

One of the best parts of the book is not just the story itself, but the appendixes at the end where he tells how to pray. He does not only show that prayer works, but does not showboat what God has done. Rather he gives glory to God in all that he does.

His language throughout the book has been moving. He says “If it pleases the Lord” many times. He is very humbled before the throne.

It’s a very well balanced book with ups and downs buts good and bad.

The Bad:
Its older English so some sentences you might have to slow down or re-read to understand them. It’s also slow moving at parts but it does reel you in which is a good thing!

The Good:
It reels you into the story and makes you think about orphans and prayer a lot. Its a quick read, maybe a good weekend book. The appendixes at then end were a great addition.

Hopefully this book will help illuminate something in your prayer life. If not at least spark a fire in that direction. I consider myself blessed to have been able to read this book.

To purchase this book or to look up more information on it click HERE.

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