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Depend on him or Deep End with him?

July 10, 2010

For the last three years I have had over 20 jobs. Most of them are temp and contract jobs that are completed. Some are job changes. A few were company cut-backs. Some just ended not so well which were very few. There sometimes was a period of unemployment between the jobs ranging anywhere from a few days to a month and a half.

When that started you get further behind and once you get the next job you play catch up for at least a month and a half before you can get things flowing again financially. There seems to be a cap with me and that is three and a half months is the longest the jobs last at max. There have only been three jobs lasted that long.

So there has been no health insurance for three years. I have been denied unemployment. I have been denied health care. There seems to have been very little help in site. All this relief from the government does not seem to be anywhere. I am left to fend for myself and my family of one. Every time a job ends, so does my dream of starting a family and getting out of debt.

Its not been easy. It has been a source of my depression. Some days were easier than others. The world tells me I am only as worthy as what I can put out. People wanting the money I owe them. Using other tactics to put fear into my life and then of course I used sins as a way of coping.

When I was searching for the jobs it was very difficult to stay focused when I was told no so many times. I did not have a degree or certification so therefore I was worthless and unable to work or learn. Did they tell me this? They did not have to as I stayed broke and unemployed, stayed in debt, stayed behind in bills. Some people can walk in and get a job. The future did not look so great for me.

But this story should not surprise me. Why not? Well its not a new story. There has been so much grace and love bestowed upon me through this. I had some friends able to point me to some scripture and pray for me. And during the scripture it hit me.

The unstable jobs and putting faith and trust all in God has been the story of many for so long. The world thinks they were crazy. But the disciples were asked to leave with nothing. Jesus even had to depend on others for lodging. The Rich Young Ruler was asked to sell all he had to follow Christ.

The depend on God means to give up our dependencies on the world. Even for the basics of living. Remember “Give us this day our daily bread?” When we put things like job stability on our desires list where do we draw our strength from? It’s not from God but from ourselves. Which is what the world wants of us. Our strength not God’s.

So not having a stable job may not be a bad thing if your heart seeks him. If you know its from God and his will it is a blessing bestowed upon you for it can mold you into Christ likeness.

Christ said it all:

34Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34 (New International Version)

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