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I’m angry. Where is he? (Part I)

July 12, 2010

There are days that I still have a problem with being angry. Yes I must confess it. I am human still. I can get flustered and shakingly mad. I know this is physically bad as my blood pressure is up. It serves no good to be angry. I am not talking about righteous anger but in general anger of every day life.

I can be angry at someone for doing me a wrong and I can feel the evil swell up inside of me and get very puffed up. I am ready to talk of their evil bestowed upon me so that they may look bad and my case justified. I mean the unspoken goodie of the “world” is vilification and victimization. You did me wrong so I make you the bad guy and I take the place of victim. Ever done it?

Oh you didn’t? Ok go take a drive on the interstate and see how many people cut you off. Tell me your results. Oh got mad? Yep me too.

Sometimes I can acknowledge that I am in anger and turn to God for help. I start praying and confessing that I am angry. I ask him to take it from me. Most cases the anger remains. Why is it still here? Did I not turn to the Lord for help? AM I not doing the right thing? So then does this mean that I still have to deal with it?

Ok so what if I throw things? Punch a wall or something? I guess that’s ok because God left me to my anger? Where is he when I am in this dark place? It’s times like this that we know the truths but misplace them during the passion of those moments.

Im not the only one
I came across an article by Alsadair Groves on CCEF that showed what happened once over a power washer when he was trying to sell his house. You can read the article here. He rented a power washer to clean a side of his house but it did not work. Frustration took over and he was angry. He kicked the power washer and it still did not work.

So he took it back and sure enough it was not working. But he did recognize that he was in sin and repented of it on his way back home.

I wanted the power washer to work. Because it didn’t, I reacted in anger. I hated the inconvenience and I was afraid. What if my house sells for less money than I want? What if it doesn’t sell and we can’t afford another home? Could God still be good? Oh Lord, enlighten the eyes of my heart!

Who’s will is it anyways?
Yes God is still good. During the heat of these moments we forget god is still sovereign and in control. God’s will is still being done. Jesus died on the cross for just this. Well and every other sin too. I do pray that next time we recall this truth. Knowing that he is in control and things are not going our way but that’s ok. It’s not about us now is it? God will take care of our needs.

Did Christ ever get angry like we just did over something trivial like getting cut off? Loosing a job? A power washer not starting? Someone doing something you did not want them to?

Faith will persevere when we accept that Christ died for us. That he is still in control and his will being done so then what is there to be angry for? This is a test of submission to his will and test of our faith. He is good. Very good.


  • CCEF
  • Is God good?…and the Rental of a Power Washer
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