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The “D” word

June 25, 2010

He knew and knows us

June 21, 2010

I am currently reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan was digesting a truth. He then asked the reader to think about this thought but not take it for granted. Now I have heard this before but he asked to take some time to really think about it. Then just to make sure we realized that he REALLY wants us to think about it he said it again. “God knew you and me before we existed.”

Ok so first off this comes from Jeremiah 1:5. Secondly I thought this was an easy one to ponder. Its not. I mean think on it. God Knew us. Do you mean like Jesus knew the disciples? Like we know our friends? So we are not an experiment that God said let’s create (Your Name Here) and see how they turn out. No. He KNEW us. Way back when.
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Hello My Name Is (fill in the blank)

June 13, 2010

Are there addictions? Yes. But why do we tend to label ourselves as such? We are given our identity by association of our struggles or sins. And yet we forget we are all children of God. We are sinners more than we are whatever-a-holics.

There are bigger issues at hand with addictions yes. There is much physical and mental anguish that needs to be confronted. Yet we are still sinners even on the sobering of days. We get so wrapped up on battling the end results of the addiction we forget how to stop it from starting in the first place.

So are we addicts? No. We are sinners that have a common struggle.

Give us this day

June 2, 2010

We all know this prayer all to well. It’s very common. But its request in itself is actually very uncommon in the world today. “Give us this day our daily bread” is letting God provide for us. It means that worries are no longer upon us to provide and fill in these blanks for ourselves. It is no longer upon us as we are then accepting HIS will above our own.

Yet this prayer is not uttered near as it should. We have become very self sufficient and prideful. I don’t think many of us realize how powerful this one simple request is. It is about also submitting to God for all of our needs, even our most basics ones. He is our provider and not the local stores or employers.
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Oh what a day

June 1, 2010

“In that day,” declares the LORD, “you will call me ‘my husband’; you will no longer call me ‘my master.’Hosea 2:16 (New International Version)

What a wonderful day that will be. To not look on him as just a master. But to know him as the bridegroom. To know that our relationship with him is forever changed. To know that we are more than just his creation and are more special than what our sin will allow us to see. I know being a dude that’s odd to say. But to know that one day we will no longer call him master and experience love like never before is an encouragement.

Humility knocks a punch

May 31, 2010

I was surfing and reading blogs not long ago, there’s a surprise, when I stumbled upon this video on I was nearly in tears. In fact I have revisited the site several times before I went on my unplugged life from the internet. Faced with death one man did not loose faith or focus. Many of us alive and well forget what he knows, and knows well. He knows to God be the glory. This is God’s will for either good or bad in life or death.

I went to his blog and saw that the video was only two months old and it is not over. I started picking up pieces of his journey since early March of 2010. Now into May the situation is still God glorifying. You can’t even say it’s sad as it would bring dishonor to him and his family. Not to mention it would silence the message he brings us about faith and the father. His situation has gotten better since I last visited and is only showing God’s sovereign grace.
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Book Review: The Good News We Almost Forgot

May 28, 2010

Here is another little gem I received at the Band of Bloggers conference this year. To be honest I did not think much of it at first. Oh wrong I was! For a dummy like me with big words like catechism to bring these into a modern day is soul hitting. I have not finished this book yet. It stands out to me so much I wanted this review out here early.

The Facts
Title: The Good News We Almost Forgot
Author: Kevin DeYoung
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Pages: 252
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